The main emphasis of our Academic Scientific Publications Output is placed on emancipatory disability research and the submission of technical documents for publication.
This is a shift away from an emphasis on individual impairments (in our case hearing impairment) as the cause of disability, but rather onto the way in which physical, social environments and communicative practices exclude or disadvantage certain categories of people, namely, Deaf people. With the inclusion of more Deaf professionals on research teams, different perspectives and creative solutions have the opportunity to emerge.
Fundamental questions in Academic Scientific Publications include (but not limited to): What motivates Deaf and Hearing people to interact and learn?
What is the State of the Art of Deaf Role Models?
Which are the best ways to train Deaf adults to become Role Models? How can we be, or help others to became, the strong link of the chain? What is best taught in person vs. online?
The quantitative and qualitative results of our Project.
Our data, both quantitative and qualitative will be the focus of our Academic Scientific Publications Output and we will present meaningful outcomes to the academic community.
We will present our research data and outcomes to conferences, workshops, journals, the press and in our portal.
The impact of this innovative approach will be:
  • an increase of accountability to the Deaf World as well as the Hearing World,
  • the development of meaningful on going relations between disability researchers and Deaf people’s organizations, 
  • the support the social model perspective in working with the Deaf Community, 
  • enhance the potential and future career prospects of participants, 
  • achieve transfer of knowledge between participating organisations,
  • develop new and lasting research collaborations, the substance to the arguments for changes in public policy.
Since emancipation is about empowerment our aim is to empower Deaf people through the research process and increase the transferability potential to other Deaf community members within our partners and across Europe.