Policy Recommendations will be written and will contain:

  • The crucial points of our Recommendations in a brief, clear and efficient outline, avoiding excessive wordiness.
  •  A full analysis of our Recommendations in distinct sections i.e. overview of the main issues, targeted analysis and feasible solutions
  • Presenting the issues from the perspective of key stakeholders and senior decision-makers in an authoritative perspective without overstating or generalizations.

All Recommendations will be well specified from the perspective of relevant, existing and potential national and European laws, regulations and current existing policy.
All Recommendations will be matched with potential solutions or guidelines and will accompanied by the Best Practices Intellectual Output.
All Recommendations will be feasible, clear, and prioritized.

In order to have Policy Recommendations written in a professional writing quality up to expected standards and empower the Deaf Communities we will set up a Policy Writing Workshop for all participating organizations of the Deaf.
Partners will have open communication channels with policy makers to present the existing needs and approaches towards the inclusion of Deaf people and opportunities for improving the situation of the Deaf in the Hearing World.
Partners will create a sustainable relationship with policy-makers in a national and a European level. Governmental institutions, policy-makers, local and European authorities will be encouraged to apply the Policy Recommendations which will include adapted and need-specific approaches for the integration of policies at local, national and European level.